Margin List

List of valuable products at MXL
No. Name of Commodity Commodity Code Commodity Group Inter-connected foreign exchanges Trading Margin (VND)
1 Kansas Wheat KWE Grains CBOT 166,980,000 VNĐ
2 Rough Rice ZRE Grains CBOT 27,209,000 VNĐ
3 Mini Wheat XW Grains CBOT 33,902,000 VNĐ
4 Mini Soybean XB Grains CBOT 21,252,000 VNĐ
5 Mini Corn XC Grains CBOT 12,144,000 VNĐ
6 Wheat ZWA Grains CBOT 169,510,000 VNĐ
7 Soybean Oil ZLE Grains CBOT 70,840,000 VNĐ
8 Soybean Meal ZME Grains CBOT 65,780,000 VNĐ
9 Soybean ZSE Grains CBOT 106,260,000 VNĐ
10 Corn ZCE Grains CBOT 60,720,000 VNĐ
11 TSR20 Rubber ZFT Softs and other raw material SGX 16,445,000 VNĐ
12 RSS3 Rubber TRU Softs and other raw material OSE 11,934,000 VNĐ
13 Arabica Coffee KCE Softs and other raw material ICEUS 227,700,000 VNĐ
14 Cotton CTE Softs and other raw material ICEUS 88,550,000 VNĐ
15 Sugar 11 SBE Softs and other raw material ICEUS 33,994,000 VNĐ
16 Cocoa CCE Softs and other raw material ICEUS 48,070,000 VNĐ
17 Robusta Coffee LRC Softs and other raw material ICEEU 44,528,000 VNĐ
18 White Sugar QW Softs and other raw material ICEEU 43,033,000 VNĐ
19 Crude Palm Oil MPO Softs and other raw material BMDX 60,841,000 VNĐ
20 RBOB Gasoline RBE Energies NYMEX 303,600,000 VNĐ
21 Natural Gas NGE Energies NYMEX 125,235,000 VNĐ
22 WTI Crude Oil CLE Energies NYMEX 303,600,000 VNĐ
23 E-mini WTI Crude Oil NQM Energies NYMEX 151,800,000 VNĐ
24 Low Sulphur Gasoil QP Energies ICEEU 311,236,000 VNĐ
25 Brent Crude Oil QO Energies ICEEU 253,759,000 VNĐ
26 Iron Ore FEF Metals SGX 65,780,000 VNĐ
27 Platinum PLE Metals NYMEX 101,200,000 VNĐ
28 Tin LME LTIZ Metals LME 358,583,400 VNĐ
29 Nickel LME LNIZ Metals LME 199,404,000 VNĐ
30 Zinc LME LZHZ Metals LME 94,545,000 VNĐ
31 Copper LME LDKZ Metals LME 360,990,000 VNĐ
32 Lead LME LEDZ Metals LME 79,647,000 VNĐ
33 Silver SIE Metals COMEX 240,350,000 VNĐ
34 Copper CPE Metals COMEX 164,450,000 VNĐ
35 Micro WTI Crude Oil MCLE Energies NYMEX 30,360,000 VNĐ
36 E-mini Natural Gas NQG Energies NYMEX 31,303,000 VNĐ
37 Mini Brent Crude Oil BM Energies ICE Singapore 31,073,000 VNĐ

(Authorized by the Decision no 439/QD/TGD-MXV of September 3rd, 2021)